Welcome on our website, we are Travel Focus Association, a Romania-based NGO with a professional and creative team specialized in tourism-related projects.

We are open to new projects proposals, new ideas, European Projects that can contribute to the development of the Romanian tourism. If you are looking for a partner in an European project we are more than glad to be your Romanian partner.

Who are we?

We are a non-profit, non- governmental, independent and apolitical organization which aims to promote Romanian traditions and tourism, to help Romanians to associate in order to increase the incoming and internal tourism, to cultivate entrepreneurship and business education, to promote Romanian gastronomy and traditions, to support and promote tourism regions, resorts, cities and tourist places in Romania.

What we do?

  • PROMOTE the Romanian touristic regions
  • CULTIVATE the entrepreneurship
  • SUPPORT young people wanting to specialize in tourism, social media or communication by organizing special seminars and courses

Why contact us?

We are a young team with a strong passion for tourism who wants to develop new and creative projects related to the tourism field. We are open to suggestions and collaborations aimed at promoting Romanian attractions, cuisine and traditions, entrepreneurship, youth programs and alternative education, in Romania and abroad.

For more details about the projects or to establish a collaboration please contact Razvan Pascu, founder, Travel Focus Romania: